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Tricked and Treated by E.V. Anthony

OUT NOW! Tricked and Treated by E.V. Anthony

Tyler Honeycutt’s life is nothing special. He spends every day typing away in an anonymous corporation with nothing and no one to liven things up. That was until a charming stranger catches his eye.

In a sea of company dude/bros, Dean Merriman holds Ty’s undivided attention. Not only is he deliciously handsome, but his naughty, crooked smile is what dreams are made of.

The last thing Ty would ever imagine doing is talking to this sexy mystery man and ruining the perfect illusion. But when Dean shows an unexpected gallant streak, Ty is positively smitten.

Already lost in a fantasy world of love’s endless possibilities, Ty can’t help but think the invitation he finds on his desk to an exclusive early Halloween bash has something to do with Dean. Where this invitation leads isn’t the only surprise in store for Ty. Sometimes you’ve got to be tricked to truly enjoy your treat.


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