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Night on the Planet by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! Night on the Planet by Courtney Milnestein

Christmas and New Year in North London. Beneath the spread of fireworks, amidst the sound of cheers and celebrations, best friends Diana and Luna find themselves stranded over the river and after midnight on the last night of the 20th century.

Faced with either waiting for a bus that might never come or walking for several hours in the bitter cold of midwinter, the two girls set out along the path of the river and through the heart of London in pursuit of tea, toast, and a good night’s sleep, all the while dancing around the issue of their feelings for one another.


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Good Graces by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! Good Graces by Courtney Milnestein

What makes your perfect forever home slightly less than perfect and a lot less than forever? Having the ghost of a young boy haunt its halls, perhaps?

After considerable scrimping and saving, John and Terry have finally put down their first mortgage payment for their new home in St John’s Wood in leafy North London. This, John believes, is their reward, their payment for all the long, hard years of enduring shoddy flats and sketchy landlords; this is what they deserve. Yet during the renovations of their kitchen, when a mystery shoe is found in an old fireplace and a lonesome ghost begins to make an appearance, they find their relationship tested not just by the haunting, but by the strange ghostbuster who arrives on their doorstep unannounced.

John frets and worries, but will they be able to put the matter to rest once more and for all? Will the spirit of their dead visitor find a way to move on, or will the dream of actually owning property in North London become a nightmare?


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Found Footage by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! Found Footage by Courtney Milnestein

“They say there’s a tape out there, and if you listen to it, you go mad. They say someone recorded it from a radio station back in the Taisho period, that’s what they say, but no one’s ever been able to work out what kind of a station would broadcast something like that!”

It’s 1982, and Japan is prosperous, full of excitement and wonder, neon, and colour. Ishikawa Miki is sixteen, a failing student and part-time waitress at her parents’ restaurant. In Koenji, there is all the nostalgia of a pop culture that Japan looks on from afar but can never fully bring itself to participate in — Union Jacks hanging behind the bar in narrow venues the size of living rooms, the staccato stutter of the Clash on the radio.

Koenji is not Chelsea, not Camden, not even Carnaby, as much as it might wish it was. It’s just a backwater station on the Chuo-Sobu Line, six stops from Shinjuku, a stone’s throw from Nakano Broadway, smooth grey trains with their proud yellow stripes passing every time you turn your head away, every time you wish to be somewhere, anywhere but Koenji.

And yet, for all the melancholy and tedium of everyday life in Suginami ward, there is another world, a more dangerous world, that waits in the fields of stars above. In 1919, the first reported sightings of a tenth planet in the outer solar system were confirmed, a planet with such a unique atmosphere that it was constantly interfering with radio signals, a planet christened Lucifer for its ominous appearance in the night sky beyond the Kuiper belt.

In Shin-Koenji International Preparatory School, Miki discovers her curious English teacher, a foreigner with wild hair, their right eye hidden beneath gauze and surgical tape, may perhaps know more of those whispers from Planet Lucifer and the cursed cassette tape than they might wish to admit.


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Feral Hearts by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! Feral Hearts by Courtney Milnestein

There is a story about Maiden’s Point, an old story, a story about a jilted lover who, in her grief, threw herself into the sea.

It is the warm summer of 1993, and across Gloriana, Super Soakers are all the rage, children wear Ray-Ban sunglasses and Airwalk skate shoes, and there is not a boy alive who is worried about the mention of a new planet glimpsed just within the shadow of Pluto. No boy save for Dorin, on the cusp of adolescence.

Having recently moved from the city to a large communal home in the country, Dorin has to adjust to his new life in the country within a house his father constantly assures him is haunted. He tries to balance his budding friendship with Ailbe, a boy from one of the other families at the house, with the growing shadow of the tenth planet Nimue as, all around him, it feels as if the adults he has trusted for so long seem to be making increasingly irrational decisions.


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All Cats Are Beautiful by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! All Cats Are Beautiful by Courtney Milnestein

Above, us, in the dark shadows of the outer solar system, there is the shape of something unknown, something unspeakable. It waits, it bides its time, and as the days of summer grow longer, so does its voice grow louder.

On the quiet island of Sarah Ann in the Pacific Ocean, home of the renowned Firmament Foundation, awkward teenager Eirian Calohan has come in search of the mystery of their father’s recent demise. Instead, they are confronted with the stark contrast between languid life on the tiny island and an unspeakable cosmic horror.

Together with their new friends, they set out to unravel the truth surrounding the death of their father and to also uncover just what it is that the Foundation has reached out to in the dark eternal night of the distant void.


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