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The Story of Silas by Chris Cole

OUT NOW! The Story of Silas by Chris Cole

Sequel to Everyday Vampire

My name is Silas. I don’t need a last name. I don’t use one except to establish a new identity in a new city. All part of being a vampire. I’m not complaining. I love my life. And there’s nothing that can make me change.

Until the man who turned me into a vampire forces me into a dangerous game of vampire politics, where we out vampires to the world slowly but surely. As I begin to live with a vampire family, I start to appreciate other things — like a local human grocer named Oliver.

I don’t know how this is going to end. I’ve lived for a long time, but I’ve never lived through a worldwide shift where people learn of the existence of vampires. Being the face of the movement makes one thing certain – the past is going to come back to bite me.

NOTE: This book contains extreme horror scenes that may be triggering. Reader discretion is advised.


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Puppy Love by Chris Cole

OUT NOW! Puppy Love by Chris Cole

I lost my husband two years ago in a car accident. Two weeks after we were married. On the day of my student’s finals. No, it’s not okay, and I’m not okay. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve basically been going from day to day since then.

But along comes Bark Ruffalo, an adorable little dog that belongs to my new coworker — my cute coworker — Remy Webb. Soon, I’m spending a lot of time with Remy and discussing my deceased husband, and finding myself coming alive again.

But, as with any new relationship, complications arise. Things hit a boiling point with my neighbor, my homophobic coworker targets both Remy and me, and I’m still not even sure if I’m ready to be in a relationship. How can I keep my husband’s memory alive if I’m with someone else?


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Avoiding Aiden by Chris Cole

OUT NOW! Avoiding Aiden by Chris Cole

I avoid. It’s this thing I do. Like, right now, I’m avoiding talking about being dumped. Instead, I’m going to the bar, where my friend Elyse has a drink waiting and my friend Charlie is performing in drag. But they decide that a hookup is just what I need.

That’s when I meet Jude. Jude is incredible, and then … incredibly unavailable. Like, so unavailable. But, combined with advice from my siblings, I start seeing a counselor to talk about how I avoid.

Then Carter, my ex, steps back into the picture for what I assume is going to be closure. And he assaults me. Jude is there to stop it and help me through the lawsuit and the trial. But Jude has his own stuff going on, and I’m graduating in the spring. At some point I’m going to have to deal with all the issues I’m facing … especially when love is on the line.


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Porch Light by Chris Cole

OUT NOW! Porch Light by Chris Cole

I’m sick of being called Junior. Sure, I’m William Nicholas Martens, Jr., but I just want to go by Nick. I’m sick of my boyfriend mismatching his socks on purpose. And I’m sick of being in the closet.

All this changes when my band Taking Back Nick lands a record deal. My friends Casey, Kennedy, Levi, and I are about to make it big. In one night I come out to my parents and break up with my boyfriend. And then the hard part starts. Casey is my oldest friend, and I move in with him after my breakup. But things … start to happen.

We skyrocket to fame, but Casey finds himself in the middle of some serious addiction issues. Combined with him showing me so much affection, I start to worry there’s more going on than just the stress of success. Will Casey be able to overcome his addictions and find happiness? More importantly, will that happiness be with me?


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Everyday Vampire by Chris Cole

OUT NOW! Everyday Vampire by Chris Cole

My first sexual experience was in college with a dark, handsome stranger named Silas. But it turned out to be more than I bargained for when I woke up after a passionate night only to find that Silas was dead. Well, living dead. He was a vampire. And now so was I.

With the help of a book entitled The Basics of Being a Bloodsucker, I learn the tips and tricks of being undead. I learn to navigate life after life, love after love, and murder after murder to find my place in this world. As a vampire, I only need two things: to eat and to stay secret. But I’m looking for love, as well, and Silas only wants sex. So we go our separate ways.

After 150 years, though, I begin to wonder if there might be something more than just being a vampire. I could have a chance at a real human life. When Silas and I finally run into each other again, can we find a way to live forever young together? Or do we have to part ways at the door of humanity?


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