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Duality by Chloe Spencer

OUT NOW! Duality by Chloe Spencer

A dead-end job, a slob for a boyfriend, and neglectful friends: this is Kat Wallace’s life. Ever since her best friend got married, Kat has been struggling to find happiness.

All that changes when she meets Melody Adebayo, a field agent with the mysterious transdimensional company Clockwork & Associates. Melody’s job is to send the consciousness of others to a scarier dimension in order to make them kinder and more grateful for their lives, which, in theory, will influence them to do good.

But when Kat is sent to B-215, she awakes in a world beyond her wildest dreams. She’s wealthy, well-liked, and has a successful career. Kat realizes she doesn’t need to find happiness in her own world … she can just steal it from her other self.

Because of a certain (ahem) incident, Melody owes a lot of money to her evil ex-girlfriend, and Kat works out a deal with her in order to keep visiting B-215. With each visit, a sinister plot unfolds. Kat discovers her life is at risk, and she isn’t alone in this dimension.

To eliminate the threat, she must team up with Melody, but can the two uncover the truth before Kat loses her life? More important, will they be able to move on from the mistakes they made in the past and find love with each other?


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Stations of Life by Chloe Spencer

OUT NOW! Stations of Life by Chloe Spencer

Juniper “June” and Eloise have been together since they were fifteen, and have been married for four years. When they first became friends, June fell in love with Eloise’s bubbly personality, but now, she can only see her wife’s flaws: recklessness, impulsiveness, and the ability to make any situation more complex than it should be. Fed up, June declares she wants a divorce and leaves.

But the universe has other plans for her.

When June boards the light rail home one day, she falls asleep and wakes up in a realm comprised of her own memories. Unable to escape, she’s guided by a younger version of herself, who she calls “Young June.” Although June is certain she wants to end her marriage, her younger self tries to convince her otherwise by showing her major events in her history with Eloise.

But as their journey continues, June grows more stubborn and fails to recognize her own mistakes. Will she ever own up to the things she did wrong? Will she want to reconcile with Eloise? Or is it too late?


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3 A.M. by Chloe Spencer

OUT NOW! 3 A.M. by Chloe Spencer

As children, Kuro, his brother Mizu, and their next door neighbor Phillip were best friends, always playing together. In their teenage years, when the brothers’ emotionally abusive father fell ill, their friendship fell apart. For a time Mizu dated Phillip, and conflicted and frustrated, Kuro sought comfort from random strangers and did drugs.

The three men are now adults and Mizu and Phillip have broken up, with little chance for reconciliation. Without anywhere else to go, Phillip and Kuro move into a dumpy apartment, and Kuro hopes the two of them will be happy together. Maybe they’ll even have an opportunity to kindle a romance.

But Mizu is extremely jealous of their closeness, and both men have their own issues they’re struggling with and trying to recover from. To make matters worse, Kuro is losing sleep, as he’s constantly waking up at three A.M. Will Phillip accept Kuro’s feelings, or will he go back to Mizu? Can Kuro reconcile with his brother and his past?


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