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The 485th Day of March by A.R. Moler

OUT NOW! The 485th Day of March by A.R. Moler

Part of the Inches of Trust universe

February seems like the perfect time for architect Brian Townsend to give notice at the big firm he’s been working for and get his own business off the ground. But February of 2020 is dropping hints that the future is neither bright nor rosy in New York City, or the rest the world.

As the spring develops into a disaster of unimaginable proportions, Brian’s husband Tristan Blake is on the front lines. As an NYPD detective, his job suddenly involves risks it never had before. Can he keep himself safe, and Brian too? What happens when the universe drops a very small gift into their lives in the middle of all the chaos?


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2019 Top Ten Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder

OUT NOW! 2019 Top Ten Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder

2019 Top Ten Gay Romance brings together the best-selling short stories published by JMS Books that year.

From first love to true love, from submission to sensual, from heat to sweet and everything in between, the couples in these stories are sure to keep you turning the pages as you fall in love with them.

With stories by Kris T. Bethke, Nell Iris, Shawn Lane, JL Merrow, A.R. Moler, Elizabeth Noble, K.L. Noone, Deirdre O’Dare, Pelaam, and J.D. Walker, this head-over-heels collection goes beyond bedtime reading. Whether happily ever after or happy for now, there’s an ending for everyone in here!

Contains the stories: Snowed In: Jonah and Cooper by Kris T. Bethke, Awakenings and French Songs by Nell Iris, More Than Summer by Shawn Lane, Back from the Future by JL Merrow, I Thee Wed by A.R. Moler, Home Coming by Elizabeth Noble, Sound the Fairy Call by K.L. Noone, Saved By Sam by Deirdre O’Dare, The Amulet by Pelaam, and Truck Me All Night Long by J.D. Walker.


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Relative Complications by A.R. Moler

OUT NOW! Relative Complications by A.R. Moler

An Inches of Trust story

Architect Brian Townsend and NYPF detective Tristan Blake are spending their first Christmas together as a married couple. Brian’s sister and her boyfriend will celebrate the holiday with the newlyweds.

Brian wants to impress his sister and is in the midst of preparation and planning when behavior from Tristan’s brother tangles up events. Add in temper tantrums from Tristan’s mother, and no one knows if Christmas will happen according to plan.


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Djinn Box Set by A.R. Moler

OUT NOW! Djinn Box Set by A.R. Moler

The best-selling gay romance fantasy trilogy by A.R. Moler is now available in a box set! Contains the stories:

Book 1: What’s in Your Box? Dale Edinger has just inherited a house from his aunt, a more than an overfull and chaotic house. All kinds of surprises await Dale as he sorts through his aunt’s hoard. Riadh is one of those surprises. He’s a djinn.

Book 2: Where There’s Smoke When your skills at magic are one step above non-existent, you need a teacher. Dale Edinger inherited a djinn named Raidh. He is on the hunt for a teacher so that not only can he learn to wield magic, that he can protect Riadh. Who is a greater risk as a teacher, a dragon with uncertain motives or a big city mage who’d like to add Riadh to his collection of possessions?

Book 3: What Would You Sacrifice? Dale Edinger is still cleaning up the hoard he inherited from his Aunt Matilda. He’s having an interesting time of it. He’s falling in love with the djinn Riadh. The big worry for Dale is whoever owns Riadh’s box, owns Riadh. When Riadh’s box disappears, Dale knows who has it — and Riadh. It isn’t that difficult for Dale to track Archimedes to his lair. Can Dale save Riadh without destroying him?


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Born Magic by A.R. Moler

Born Magic by A.R. Moler is now available!

Querteshan guardsman Jamal Fayed is on a routine patrol through the desert area known as the Burning when they discover an injured and unconscious man who looks to be from a nearby country, Perathea. Their two countries have a long history of animosity.

When Nev ran from his master, he was fleeing for his life and any outcome seemed better than the death he was promised. But Nev has secrets, complicated secrets that involve both magic and his physical form. Can he build a relationship with Jamal amidst politics and military dealings?


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