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The President’s Son by A.L. Evcott

OUT NOW! The President’s Son by A.L. Evcott

Chris Roberts believed two tours in Afghanistan was more than enough to prepare him for his new job in the Secret Service. After all, babysitting the son of the president of the United States is a walk in the park compared to a warzone, right? Well, it might have been if his protectee hadn’t been Jamie Barratt, America’s new sweetheart in need of an attitude adjustment.

Isolated in the Hamptons as Jamie recovers from hospitalization, an unlikely friendship forms between the two when they find common ground. Chris’s professionalism slips as he gets to know the real Jamie Barratt and friendship quickly snowballs into sex, romance, and, very probably, love.

Everything is perfect in their own little bubble, as long as the president doesn’t find out.


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