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<i>The Last Gift</i> by Chrissy Munder
OUT NOW! The Last Gift by Chrissy Munder What do you do when the right man walks into your life
<i>Queerwolf</i> by Rob Rosen
OUT NOW! Queerwolf by Rob Rosen When you wake up on a ferry, naked, in a pool of blood, there’s
<i>Jingle Bells and the Jinx</i> by David Connor and E.F. Mulder
OUT NOW! Jingle Bells and the Jinx by David Connor and E.F. Mulder Sequel to 11-B: The Noisy NeighborSummer fireworks
<i>Jealousy</i> by Edward Kendrick
OUT NOW! Jealousy by Edward Kendrick It all began when Brock hired Pat McKenzie to become the newest employee of
<i>Holiday Quartet Box Set</i> by Pat Henshaw
OUT NOW! Holiday Quartet Box Set by Pat Henshaw Bells ring and choirs sing. People bustle with happiness and joy.
<i>The Nicest Gangster</i> by Rafe Jadison
OUT NOW! The Nicest Gangster by Rafe Jadison Joshua Hansen doesn’t believe in anything, except maybe the romance novels he
<i>The Music Box</i> by Kassandra Lea
OUT NOW! The Music Box by Kassandra Lea For most people, December is all about Christmas, but not for Alvin.
<i>Operation SPA</i> by Feral Sephrian
OUT NOW! Operation SPA by Feral Sephrian Both Oak and Colin have gone through some rough times lately. Oak wants
OUT NOW! Mistletoe Madness by A.J. Morrow After a night of mulled wine and dancing at the office Christmas party,
<i>The Way to His Heart</i> by B.L. Dayhoff
OUT NOW! The Way to His Heart by B.L. Dayhoff Elliot is hanging on by a thread. He moved away