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<i>Baphomet’s Blessing</i> by Eve Morton
OUT NOW! Baphomet's Blessing by Eve Morton When Natasha "Tasha" Joon accepts an invitation to read from her gender memoir
<i>All About Angels</i> by David Connor and E.F. Mulder
OUT NOW! All About Angels by David Connor and E.F. Mulder Angels Daniel and Jefferson recruit a band of heavenly
Guest post by Ofelia Gränd
December is here! I’m in Sweden, so for me December means snow and ice -- though not as much snow
<i>Caregiver</i> by Rick R. Reed
OUT NOW! Caregiver by Rick R. Reed Winner of the 2013 EPIC eBook Award for Best Contemporary RomanceIt's 1991, and
<i>Wolf Whistle</i> by A.C. Katt
OUT NOW! Wolf Whistle by A.C. Katt Richard Kerrigan is on the verge of losing hope. Fired from his job
<i>Vintage</i> by Jamie Craig
OUT NOW! Vintage by Jamie Craig For more than a decade, renowned chef Alain Tiessart has been married to his
<i>Old Friend in the Force</i> by Eva Hore
OUT NOW! Old Friend in the Force by Eva Hore I admit it, I was speeding. So when an officer
<i>Call to Love</i> by Gordon Phillips
OUT NOW! Call to Love by Gordon Phillips Garner working as a waiter at an upscale restaurant with a growing
<i>Blame It on the Fruitcake</i> by Pat Henshaw
OUT NOW! Blame It on the Fruitcake by Pat Henshaw Fruitcake is the laughingstock of the holiday season. But is
<i>Mr. November</i> by Pepper Espinoza
OUT NOW! Mr. November by Pepper Espinoza Patton Cooper won three national championships as the starting quarterback for the Los