<i>Yellow Rose</i> by C.W. Laurie

Yellow Rose by C.W. Laurie

<i>Yellow Rose</i> by C.W. Laurie

OUT NOW! Yellow Rose by C.W. Laurie

Skylar was heartbroken when her relationship with Rose ended badly, but she’d moved on and started a new relationship with her long-time college friend, sweet and kind Emily.

When Emily asks her to meet her parents, Skylar freaks out. She doesn’t know if she will ever be able to give her heart to anyone else. She feels torn between Emily and Rose and conflicted as to whom she truly loves.

When Skylar is invited to a friend’s party, she runs into Rose. After making a terrible mistake, Skylar is determined to make things right, but who will she choose? Will Skylar find love in the end?


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