<i>Wotshisname?</i> by Drew Hunt

Wotshisname? by Drew Hunt

<i>Wotshisname?</i> by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! Wotshisname? by Drew Hunt

As he lies in bed Saturday morning, Will Marshall reflects on the previous night’s trick that he’d picked up at the club. Will never bothers to learn the names of his tricks since he shows them the door as soon as they’re done. Oddly, though, he can’t remember seeing Wotshisname out. As this realization hits, he hears a crash somewhere in his flat. Turns out Wotshisname — Jamie — made Will breakfast … and leaves his number behind when he does finally go.

Days pass, but try as hard as he might, Will can’t get Jamie out of his mind. Every trick is compared to Jamie and is found wanting. Even his cat seems to be missing Jamie. And the fact Jamie is a teacher, something that was revealed during the unexpected breakfast, endears him to Will’s mother, who despairs of her son ever settling down.

Somewhere in his messy flat is the scrap of paper with Jamie’s number. It wouldn’t hurt to find it and put it in his phone, just in case. It’s not like he’d actually call the man or anything. After all, he never does the same trick twice, right?


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