<i>Wolfy</i> by Tia Fielding

Wolfy by Tia Fielding

<i>Wolfy</i> by Tia Fielding

OUT NOW! Wolfy by Tia Fielding

How did a night of drinking away loneliness end with a werewolf waking up in a crappy dog pound, stuck inside his wolf form? As a beta wolf and an enforcer of his pack, Mateo is needed at home. He’s never heard of other werewolves being unable to shift back, and he’s not about to attack the pound staff to get out, because it’s just not right to hurt humans who don’t know what you are.

With the clock ticking down until he’s scheduled to be put down, Mateo’s only way out is shifting back or being adopted. Given how huge and scruffy his wolf form is, no one wants him … until Lily and her father, Wes, arrive. Seeing them as his only option, Mateo decides he can swallow his pride and play dog for them for the time being, just until he can safely run back to his pack.

Wes has been a single father since only weeks before Lily was born. Her other father left them and Wes hasn’t had much luck with dating since. At four, Lily is smart and strong-willed, and finally has the dog of her dreams. Wolfy is a friend, a babysitter, and a protector, and Wes is pretty sure the dog understands speech, too.

A few weeks after bringing Wolfy home, everything in Wes’ lonely but peaceful life changes. He lets their beloved dog out into the yard, only to find a gorgeous — and naked — man in his place. Thrown into a world where werewolves and magic users aren’t just fairytales in Lily’s storybooks, Wes must face even more revelations after meeting Mateo’s pack.

With so much changed between them, both men have to be true to themselves and their responsibilities while Wes figures out what he can and cannot deal with, and Mateo decides where his home really is.


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