<i>Willow’s Sacrifice</i> by Michelle Woody

Willow’s Sacrifice by Michelle Woody

<i>Willow’s Sacrifice</i> by Michelle Woody

OUT NOW! Willow’s Sacrifice by Michelle Woody

Sequel to Snapdragon

Another text. Another threat to Oliver Jaren’s five-year-old daughter, Norah.

After two dark witches are murdered, Oliver enlists the help of his friend and private detective, Ron Abrams. He knows Ron guards his heart, but that didn’t stop Oliver from falling for him. When Oliver makes things awkward between them by asking Ron out, now he has to confess to being a witch too, as is Norah. Oliver knows he’s rattled Ron’s world, but will his supernatural life push Ron away?

Ron Abrams had closed himself off to love, but Oliver touches something within him. Now, Oliver and Norah are in danger. While Oliver has ignited a feeling in Ron he can’t resist, he’s not sure he can go through that nightmare again. Will he open himself to love and let Oliver close, or will he walk away to protect his heart?

The man threatening Norah is discovered to be a serial killer who is working with a dark witch to break the protection spell around her. Oliver vows to do everything he can to keep his daughter safe and stop this man, but will it be a sacrifice he can make?


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