<i>Virgin Buddies</i> by Marco May

Virgin Buddies by Marco May

<i>Virgin Buddies</i> by Marco May

OUT NOW! Virgin Buddies by Marco May

Eighteen-year-olds Johnny and Jack have been best friends for years. They’ve flirted with each other, but it’s always harmless. Besides, even though Jack’s a virgin like Johnny is, he’s straight and would never be interested in him. If only Johnny wasn’t so deeply in love with his own buddy. He’d even marry him if he could.

However, on a hot summer night during a sleepover, Johnny notices something different about Jack. They still hug like usual, and Johnny still tickles Jack and rubs his nipples for fun since these are all normal things as part of their strong friendship. Well, normal to them, anyway. But what isn’t normal is the mysterious tent inside Jack’s shorts. Johnny has never noticed it before whenever they gave each other affection.

What can Jack’s new physical response to Johnny’s otherwise normal touch mean when he’s supposed to be straight? Have all the flirting and affection between them meant something different all along? Could things between them actually change into something else entirely? Maybe something a little hotter than the hot summer night?


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