Under Azure Skies by Wayne Mansfield

Under Azure Skies by Wayne Mansfield is now available!


Lucien has been shipwrecked on a remote south Pacific island. For the first few months he is alone. When Edgar arrives, Lucien is elated he finally has someone to talk to, to share experiences with. Through Edgar, Lucien even discovers things about himself he’d long since forgotten.

A massive tropical storm brings with it more than wind and rain. It brings a man called Abel. Strangely, when Abel arrives on the island, Edgar disappears. Despite searching for his dear friend, Lucien cannot find him, but the forbidden feelings initially unlocked by Edgar are further explored with Abel, and Lucien finds himself falling in love.

Then the cannibals arrive, bringing with them a second shipwreck survivor. What Lucien and Abel witness is unspeakable, but being unarmed and with danger so close, can they themselves survive? Or is their love doomed before it has a chance to blossom?


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