<i>Uncle Phil’s Legacy</i> by Tim Mead

Uncle Phil’s Legacy by Tim Mead

<i>Uncle Phil’s Legacy</i> by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Uncle Phil’s Legacy by Tim Mead

Jeff Elder is estranged from his parents because he is gay. He moves to live with his uncle and mentor in Lake Polk, Florida. When Uncle Phil dies suddenly, Jeff inherits the house as well as Agatha, Phil’s classic Auburn car. In a joke from beyond the grave, Phil also bequeaths his rare and expensive dildo collection to Jeff’s uptight parents.

Jeff is pretty much alone in the small town, but through Agatha he manages to make friends. Paul Moretti is a mechanic who regularly services the car, and would like to service Jeff, too. Sam Dudek works at the local family-owned hardware store. He also has a classic car. He and Jeff soon discover cars aren’t the only thing they have in common.

Will Sam and Jeff’s ride to true love be a smooth one, or will Paul manage to throw a wrench into the works?


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