<i>Ugly</i> by Wayne Mansfield

Ugly by Wayne Mansfield

<i>Ugly</i> by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Ugly by Wayne Mansfield

Ian feels he has not been blessed with good looks, and his treatment from others lends weight to these beliefs. From a child, where he is teased about his big nose, to his twenties, where his best friend, the handsome Zack, seems to get all the attention, Ian is made to feel inferior. The resulting insecurity means he won’t look in a mirror unless absolutely essential.

Then one night at Zenith, the local gay club, he locks eyes with Brad. He likes what he sees, but so does Zack. As Zack approaches Brad, Ian’s heart sinks. However, there is a small chance Brad will tell Zack to take a hike.

Is Ian’s life about to change for the better? Will he finally get a chance at love? Or will his so-called best friend Zack ruin everything? Could Zack really be that cruel?


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