<i>Trusting Love</i> by Silas St. James

Trusting Love by Silas St. James

<i>Trusting Love</i> by Silas St. James

OUT NOW! Trusting Love by Silas St. James

Sequel to Fighting for Love

Two years into his marriage to Eduardo, Nathan is happy. His career is taking off, and he’s scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an upcoming architecture conference. Eduardo and Nathan have weathered a few storms, and their relationship is stronger than ever. That is, until Nathan’s dark past finally catches up to him.

Nathan’s perfect life is thrown into chaos when Shane, a slimy older man from his college years, resurfaces with a menacing motive. Shane wants to leverage explicit photos of their time together two decades prior. Before he knows it, Nathan is being blackmailed as Shane says he will release the photos unless he’s paid. The worst part is Nathan hasn’t told Eduardo about his painful past and he fears how his husband will react.

Not only do Shane’s photos threaten to undo Nathan’s successful career and loving marriage, they threaten to undo Nathan himself. Having to confront the shameful memories from that low point in his life may be too much for him to bear. Will Nathan have the courage to face his past and prevent Shane from ruining everything he’s built? Will Nathan finally let Eduardo see the broken parts of himself and decide to trust love?


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