<i>Trouble in Threes</i> by Gavin Atlas

Trouble in Threes by Gavin Atlas

<i>Trouble in Threes</i> by Gavin Atlas

OUT NOW! Trouble in Threes by Gavin Atlas

Handsome Kurt Eden loves nothing more than the tiny art museum left to him by his aunt. However, the museum is decidedly unimpressive and losing money fast. Worse, college sex scandals have made him the center of unwanted attention in his remote, conservative town of Egbert, Texas. Furthermore, Kurt’s required to repay the owners of two artworks stolen from the museum or face the loss of his home.

When Max, a man Kurt has helped come out through dating app conversations, arrives in Egbert, Kurt is smitten. Max already knows the younger man’s fantasies, and he’s eager to satisfy them. But will Max’s secrets and surprises help Kurt find happiness with not one, but two men? Or will the town ruin everything?


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