Top in the Class by Feral Sephrian

Top in the Class by Feral Sephrian is now available!


What should have been a casual fling before Terry starts the first semester of his second degree suddenly gets out of hand when he discovers Kyle, the hot older man he met at a bar, is one of his professors. Terry doesn’t want either of them to get in trouble, but he can’t forget that wild night in his car. He’s willing to wait to pick up where he and Kyle left off.

But “Professor Weiman” is adamant about forgetting Terry exists, going as far as ignoring him during class.

Terry knows he has what it takes to be a top student. However, the more he tries to get back in Kyle’s good graces, the more Kyle pushes him away. They’ll have to confront a dark stain on Kyle’s past — and a new threat to Kyle’s career — before Kyle can let Terry be more than teacher’s pet.


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