<i>Three Jewels</i> by Alexander Verlangen

Three Jewels by Alexander Verlangen

<i>Three Jewels</i> by Alexander Verlangen

OUT NOW! Three Jewels by Alexander Verlangen

Every year each king finds the most beautiful man in his kingdom and crowns him their kingdom’s jewel. Jewels then must live with a rival king as a gift. An orphan sent to the most ruthless king, Keir has no power and little protection. Keir is used to doing what it takes to survive.

Cord is not happy to be a jewel but is delighted he met Keir. Cord knows they are destined to be together if they can end the reign of their kings. He has to confront a world he has never been exposed to, one where he has little power and everything is corrupt.

Adin is the most prepared for this adventure, or so he thinks. He was born to topple a king, and it’s his dream to do so. He thinks he’s better than everyone. Now he’s confronted by the fact his worldview is wrong. Everything he thought he knew about the other kingdoms is a lie. It isn’t helpful that the king he lives with maddens and delights Adin, as he should be trying to topple him.

Can the three jewels change their world and end the tradition that binds them to their kinds while falling in love?


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