<i>Thorns in My Side</i> by Kim Davis

Thorns in My Side by Kim Davis

<i>Thorns in My Side</i> by Kim Davis

OUT NOW! Thorns in My Side by Kim Davis

When Tim Whittaker’s best friend Jake Thorn announces he’s getting married to his girlfriend Jenna Riley, Tim tells him he’s making a mistake. Tim, who’s been in love with Jake for years, wants his best friend to be with him instead.

While Tim and Jake deal with their issues, Jake’s older brother Caleb is dealing with issues of his own as he enters into a secret relationship with Jenna’s newly-divorced father David, who wants to keep his homosexuality hidden from his daughter.

Thorns in My Side explores the secrets, lies, and love between brothers who grapple with friends, lovers, and each other while trying to keep their lives, and the lives of those around them, from spinning out of control.


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