<i>Thirst Trap</i> by R.W. Clinger

Thirst Trap by R.W. Clinger

<i>Thirst Trap</i> by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Thirst Trap by R.W. Clinger

When mischievous neighbors the Jardonis boys take out half of Joey Pollard’s house by an accidental fire, Joey is given the opportunity to use JD Lawson’s spare bedroom. The two have been friends for years and Joey feels comfortable with the arrangement.

Working remotely for a dishware company, Joey spends a lot of time at JD’s house. Joey thinks the college coach is a nice guy and a total thirst trap. And he’d be fibbing if he didn’t admit to having a secret attraction to the man. But Joey knows the sexy man is straight and only a friend. This doesn’t mean Joey can’t still have a hardcore crush on his roommate.

Things become comfortable between the two men until JD throws a small gathering for a few friends. Unfortunately he runs late for his own event and Joey has to play host for a few hours. During these minimal hours Joey learns JD’s dating and sexual history and …

Wait a minute! Is JD straight or queer? Are the guests at the evening party drunk and telling true stories or lies? Does Joey have romantic chance with JD?


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