<i>Think Pink</i> by Eve Morton

Think Pink by Eve Morton

<i>Think Pink</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Think Pink by Eve Morton

Selene Parish is a hard-working lawyer in need of a vacation. A legal conference in Key West, Florida, seems like the perfect combination of work-turned-vacation. When she arrives and everything seems to go wrong, she starts to wonder if she’s doomed to have no fun at all. Luckily, she’s already met Gilberte Martin, a former artist now living in the Keys who is willing to make all of Selene’s wishes come true.

Gilberte “Gil” Martin has never known where she would truly end up. A runaway at age sixteen and accidental cult movie maker at twenty-six, she’s nearing her forties and still trying to understand how she came to live in the middle of a beautiful beach with amazing friends, a great boss, and a mentor queen down the street who showers her with love and affection. When she’s invited to a tenth anniversary screening of her cult film, she figures the ghosts of her past might be over. She’s proven wrong almost immediately. The only thing that saves her trip is a casual run-in with another woman having an equally hard time with her travels.

When Selene’s vacation ends and Gil gets her itch for art once more, their love story seems to be over. But is it? Will they be able to see a future together with both their pasts absolved? Or will their stories be condensed into souvenirs and films for later viewing?


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