<i>Theo</i> by T.J. Blackley

Theo by T.J. Blackley

<i>Theo</i> by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! Theo by T.J. Blackley

Tim Leonard traded his old life in North Carolina for college in New York City, and that meant leaving behind his best friend Theo Cohen, along with all of the unspoken feelings that had built up between them in high school. Leo had to leave small-town life in his dust, even if that meant losing his crush.

Now Leo is back in town, lured home by a high school reunion and more than a little by the desire to see Theo again. He hasn’t heard from his old friend in five years, but the reunion may be their chance to reconnect. That is, of course, if Theo has been thinking about Leo for the past five years, too.


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