<i>The Winter King</i> by Jay Mendell

The Winter King by Jay Mendell

<i>The Winter King</i> by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! The Winter King by Jay Mendell

Jack Frost is used to causing problems, but he isn’t used to dealing with consequences. When he accidentally destroys the Winter Crest, his one responsibility and the artifact that helps keep the balance of the seasons in the Fae Realm, he needs to find some way to solve this issue before anyone else can find out.

Morozko, A.K.A. Old Man Winter, is a former candidate for the position Jack now holds. He would know how to assist Jack with the Crest, but there’s just one problem: Morozko has left the Fae Realm long ago, and is notorious for despising the politics involved. Will Morozko be willing to put aside his enmity to help out a stranger, or will Jack have to attempt some more … persuasive methods?


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