<i>The Way Out</i> by Eve Morton

The Way Out by Eve Morton

<i>The Way Out</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Way Out by Eve Morton

Violet Vance is living her best life. Surrounded by good friends and colleagues at her thriving life coach and therapy business, Alternative You, she wants for very little. Maybe a night out here and there, but certainly nothing too fancy. As long as she’s helping people, then she’s good.

When her business is asked to take on a crumbing rock band called Dis-Chord after their lead singer is arrested, everything changes. Mick is not coming back, which leaves the three remaining members of Dis-Chord — Clint, Red, and Lucien — stuck in LA, re-recording an album and in desperate need of help. There are angry fans. A hot-head record exec. Past and present victims. Plus the general malaise that comes from destruction at the edge of fame. Can Violet and her team solve this issue? Or has simply too much happened?

For once, Violet’s not sure there’s much she can do. But Lucien, the guitarist of the band, is quiet and intelligent. Kind and caring. And he really loves the movie The Wizard of Oz, which Violet thinks is endearing. He’s not what Violet expected at all from a rock star — and that just may be perfect for both of them after all.

But if, and only if, Dis-Chord manages to make it out of this mess alive and intact.


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