<i>The Way Back</i> by Becky Black

The Way Back by Becky Black

<i>The Way Back</i> by Becky Black

OUT NOW! The Way Back by Becky Black

Before Razz Jensen can do anything drastic to rescue Javi from prison on his home planet, General Queza arrives with a proposal from Arien — to take all the Ixellan exiles home. As the ship full of refugees leaves, Javi and Razz are reunited, until Queza offers training to the refugees to become a defence force for their community and Javi joins up. He regrets that when Razz becomes an instructor and tells Javi they need to cool it during the training.

Meanwhile, Arien is continuing to cultivate allies, and juggle suitors. A powerful house proposes the solution to the problem of Arien not being able to produce and heir, Arien fears their fate is sealed and this is the end of any chance they can ever marry Tapuh and be happy.

Razz is happy to heat things up again when Javi finishes his basic training. Queza makes the recruits the New Legion of Ixellan and wants them to fight for Arien, to regain the throne, leaving Javi feeling he and his people are being used by Arien. But Arien is shocked by the New Legion and disappointed to learn Javi has become part of Queza’s staff, fearing they’ve lost his friendship. That he’s fallen for Queza’s romantic ideas of glory.

Only after Arien and Javi reunite do they understand that they are caught up in other people’s ambitions. Now they must take back control of their destinies and try to make a future where they can be with the people they love.


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