<i>The Visitor 3</i> by Wayne Mansfield

The Visitor 3 by Wayne Mansfield

<i>The Visitor 3</i> by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Visitor 3 by Wayne Mansfield

Clay and Vincent are making a life together, and it is working out surprisingly well. They have completely different routines, but so far there have been no hiccups. Even better, the lockdown has come to an end and they can finally go out explore the world together.

When a travelling carnival comes to town, Clay takes Vincent for a fun, romantic evening. That is until Vincent thinks he spots Bluekin, the vampire who, without his permission, turned him and then abandoned him all those years ago.

Clay takes an immediate dislike to the man. Unfortunately, Bluekin’s feelings for him are the exact opposite. When Bluekin turns up unannounced at the home Clay shares with Vincent, Clay knows things aren’t going to end well. How can he hope to defend himself against Bluekin’s muscular bulk? What will Vincent find when he returns home?


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