<i>The Twin Moons of Tansa</i> by Wayne Mansfield

The Twin Moons of Tansa by Wayne Mansfield

<i>The Twin Moons of Tansa</i> by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Twin Moons of Tansa by Wayne Mansfield

In the not too distant future, the world is a far different place. Human rights are non-existent. For those who disobey the many laws, the punishments are severe. Especially for those who practice manlove — the crime of desiring another of the same sex.

In a desperate attempt to flee the guards pursuing him, Taar runs into the slums of New Melbourne. As the voices of his pursuers grow louder in his ears, he is suddenly pulled into a disused service entrance. A homeless man guides him to the back of the darkened space, shushing him, and Taar couldn’t be more grateful. Yet his relief is short-lived as the man begins shouting to attract the guards’ attention.

When Taar is finally captured, the homeless man asks about the reward. As Taar is escorted to an awaiting police vehicle, the homeless man is told there will be no reward, though that brings Taar no satisfaction at all. He knows the penalty for his crime is exile. Never again will he see his mother nor his lover to explain to them, to say sorry or goodbye.

He will be a member of the first prison group to be abandoned on the newly discovered planet, Tansa. Even if he survives the space shuttle journey, what will become of him in the unexplored wilderness of Tansa? How will he survive? More importantly, will the handsome Bror, a fellow exile, be there for him the way he would like him to be?


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