<i>The Trespasser</i> by R.W. Clinger

The Trespasser by R.W. Clinger

<i>The Trespasser</i> by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! The Trespasser by R.W. Clinger

Grady Nelson won’t admit to anyone that he’s doing more than just taking his greyhound for daily walks in Fairmount. But truth is, Grady has a little crush on best-selling fiction author Putnam Strand, who just happens to live a few streets away from him. He has a relentless obsession for the author and will do just about anything to get close to the man. Hell, he might even trespass into the author’s home when Putnam isn’t home; and when he does, he almost gets caught.

As springtime thickens along Lake Erie, so do Grady’s affections for Putnam, as well as his trespassing into the man’s life. Things heat up in their neighborly relationship, though, when Putnam has to leave town for a few days and asks Grady to house sit. Grady jumps at the opportunity.

During Grady’s short stay at Putnam’s house, interesting details of the writer’s life begin to unravel. Not only is a jungle room discovered on the third floor and Grady finds a vast collection of rare books, he also uncovers an astounding secret about the author, something that will change Putnam’s romantic life forever, and Grady’s, as well.


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