<i>The Thaw</i> by Pat Henshaw

The Thaw by Pat Henshaw

<i>The Thaw</i> by Pat Henshaw

OUT NOW! The Thaw by Pat Henshaw

Thirty-three-year-old gay farmer Vladimir Wozniak IV lives for his crops and the hard work that makes them profitable every year. Five miles up the road, former rodeo bull rider and rancher Thomas Sullivan is just as committed to his corn-fed beef.

Once best friends until VJ kissed Tommy during freshman year in college, they stopped speaking when Tommy rejected VJ.

Ten years later, after the country doctor who helped bring them into the world dies and his will names them as co-owners of property, they decide to check out their inheritance together to see which one wants to buy out the other.

As they travel down memory lane through the Doc’s correspondence and visit familiar sites on the land, can they work their way back to friendship … and possibly beyond?


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