<i>The Secrets of Heaven</i> by Reni Stankova

The Secrets of Heaven by Reni Stankova

<i>The Secrets of Heaven</i> by Reni Stankova

OUT NOW! The Secrets of Heaven by Reni Stankova

Sequel to The Enemy of Heaven

Raphael and Dante, the enemies of Heaven who committed regicide and ascended a new queen on the throne, have enjoyed five idyllic years hiding in the mountains. But, their sanctuary shatters when Archangel Remiel, one of the best investigators in the world, closes in on them, forcing the couple into a life on the run.

Meanwhile, Raphael stumbles upon a clue regarding his late mother’s enigmatic discovery — the ancient artifact that cost her life at the hands of her tyrannical husband. The clue leads him to the Holy Land.

Determined to honor his mother’s legacy, Raphael and Dante embark on a quest across three continents while avoiding Remiel’s pursuit and contending with old and new acquaintances, all eager to exploit their predicament for personal gain. Turns out, enemies of Heaven are very valuable. But ffighting the world is nothing their powerful teamwork cannot overcome.

But what will they find when they reach the Holy Land? Why does unveiling the secrets of the distant past threaten to unleash a cataclysmic force the world hasn’t seen since the Great War? And what does Raphael’s brother, Michael Azelys, have to do with everything?


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