<i>The Right Turn</i> by Sam Couste

The Right Turn by Sam Couste

<i>The Right Turn</i> by Sam Couste

OUT NOW! The Right Turn by Sam Couste

Cam’s life isn’t all that exciting. Boring job, failing relationship, and a handful of missed opportunities. He often wonders how his life might have turned out if he’d made different choices. Especially when he runs into Mattie, his childhood best friend who’s grown into the man of Cam’s dreams.

That dream becomes a reality — or an alternate reality, at least — when Cam wakes up one morning in the arms of an adoring Mattie. This version of Mattie and Cam have been together for years, though Cam has no memory of his new life. He’s determined to figure out how he arrived in this new dream life — and how to keep it.


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