<i>The Poet and Her Muse</i> by A.J. Morrow

The Poet and Her Muse by A.J. Morrow

<i>The Poet and Her Muse</i> by A.J. Morrow

OUT NOW! The Poet and Her Muse by A.J. Morrow

In the middle of the city is a second hand bookstore run by Jess, an overworked poet with a saviour complex. She has been working at the store ever since her uncle retired and had to drop out to run the family business, but as bills mount and wages drop, she’s beginning to lose the passion she once had for poetry. Until, that is, she comes across a mysterious drawing in one of the books, one that inspires her to write again.

Meanwhile, her best friend Natalie struggles to help Jess fight through the stress of keeping her family afloat. They are two opposites, with different classes, families, and interests, but are brought together by their love for each other, even though neither will admit it.

More and more drawings appear, intriguing Jess and giving her the drive to change her life for the better. Little does she know, the illustrator is closer to home than they first seem …

Will Jess be able to find the illustrator and get her life back on track? Or will she lose everything, including Natalie?


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