<i>The Path to Forever</i> by Etienne

The Path to Forever by Etienne

<i>The Path to Forever</i> by Etienne

OUT NOW! The Path to Forever by Etienne

Could you handle living forever, knowing you would watch your friends grow old and die?

These are questions newly minted Doctor Marco Sartori d’Argenzio must face when he and his partner Danilo Rosati celebrate Marco’s completed residency and Danilo’s most recent PhD with a vacation at Marco’s father’s home in the Duchy of Aragoni. There Marco learns about his family’s legacy: his father is more than two thousand years old, and he can expect to live just as long.

Marco inherits his uncle’s title amidst adventure and danger, but it breaks his heart to realize that he’ll live only to see the man he’s loved for a decade grow old and die. However, there is hope: Danilo is studying the unique DNA of Marco’s family in hops of discovering the secret — because Danilo has no intention of leaving Marco alone for what could be forever.


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