<i>The Midnight Detective</i> by Edward Kendrick

The Midnight Detective by Edward Kendrick

<i>The Midnight Detective</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! The Midnight Detective by Edward Kendrick

What is Wyn to do when he can’t find his five-year-old daughter Celyn because she and her mother Marianne have disappeared with Marianne’s new boyfriend? He hires a detective.

The detective is Christoph Andreu, owner of Andreu Detection Agency. What few people know is that Christoph is a vampire, thus his definitely strange working hours. Wyn knows, however, but his need to find Celyn overrides the few concerns he might have that Christoph is more than human.

Christoph was willing to take Wyn’s case. More than willing when two men attack Wyn, believing he knows where to find Marianne’s new lover. Despite the fact Christoph abhors physical violence; he deals with the men to save Wyn.

Christoph finds himself drawn to Wyn, especially when he learns the man is not as straight Christoph believes, given the circumstances. In fact, Wyn is bi, which he readily admits. Bi, and drawn to the power and raw sexuality Christoph emits. As their search for Celyn intensifies, so does their immediate attraction for each other.

Can Christoph find Wyn’s missing daughter? And how will the two men handle their becoming lovers in spite of the fact Christoph is a vampire and Wyn isn’t?


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