The Maltese Terror by Deirdre O’Dare

The Maltese Terror by Deirdre O’Dare is now available!

Landscape architect Nick LeGrande has never experienced a more disastrous trip! When he ends up stranded in a Colorado blizzard, he’s glad to have the company of his little canine buddy, Cedric, whom circumstances forced him to bring along. Then a sexy Good Samaritan rescues them and Nick is introduced to a world he hardly knew existed. He is quickly enthralled.

Caleb Storm is a loner, a rancher whose Native American blood sets him a bit apart from most of his fellows. When a spring blizzard dumps Nick LeGrande and his tiny dog into Caleb’s life, he and his old stock dog Cheyenne hardly know what to make of their visitors.

Caleb finds Nick very attractive but doubts such a successful and urbane man could have any interest in him. However, their dogs hit it off from the start and seem to conspire to get their masters together. Can a pair of canine cupids work the necessary magic?


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