<i>The Luck Dragon</i> by Pelaam

The Luck Dragon by Pelaam

<i>The Luck Dragon</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! The Luck Dragon by Pelaam

Ryland is close to the end of his apprenticeship with Henry to be an apothecary. Once qualified, he sees the job as a way to be free and independent of his father. Jabez is a cold and aloof man that Ryland cannot bring himself to like.

When his will is thwarted, Jabez takes his revenge, and Ryland is saved from a brutal beating by his Luck Dragon, and his best friend Ballard.

Not only does Ryland want to break his mother free of his father’s hold, but also long-suppressed memories. To do so, he and his friends return to Ryland’s family home in Wales. Finally he’s able to break the spell that’s kept him and his soulmate Shiloh apart.

But they still need to face Jabez, and something darker and infinitely more evil, if they are to remain together.


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