<i>The Impersonator</i> by Shawn Lane

The Impersonator by Shawn Lane

<i>The Impersonator</i> by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! The Impersonator by Shawn Lane

After Benjamin Pomeroy has hot club sex with Trey, a gorgeous new employee at the Las Vegas hotel where he works, he loses his job as the Elvis impersonator when the hotel’s new CEO, Maxwell Orton, decides Elvis doesn’t fit the hotel’s image.

Originally from New Orleans, Orton is fond of Mardi Gras, thus the Masquerade Ball to introduce himself to the executive staff of the hotel.

Because he lost his job, Ben agrees to impersonate his older brother, an executive at the hotel, for money when his brother doesn’t want to cancel his plans.

It’s an idiotic idea and he knows it, but he finds himself at the Masquerade Ball anyway. He’s intent on staying two hours and getting out fast when he has yet another encounter with the sexy, mysterious Trey.

But soon Ben realizes he can’t easily escape the fact that his enigmatic lover is Orton himself.


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