The Haunting of Killian McKay by Leigh M. Lorien

The Haunting of Killian McKay by Leigh M. Lorien is now available!

In an effort to reinvigorate the paranormal investigation genre — and his career — Killian McKay makes the decision to livestream a ghost hunt in the house where he had his first supernatural encounter as a kid. To make sure things get interesting, he hires a witch to stir up the spirits in the house.

When the witch, Lady Ivana, turns out to be a handsome, muscular, genderfluid man named Ivan, Killian quickly realizes he underestimated just how interesting things can get.

Ivan is the real deal, a witch with herbs and spells and magic, and he knows more about ghosts than Killian ever hoped to learn. Killian wants to know everything Ivan knows, and he wants to know everything about Ivan … but first, they have to survive the night.


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