<i>The Greatest Treasure</i> by Pelaam

The Greatest Treasure by Pelaam

<i>The Greatest Treasure</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! The Greatest Treasure by Pelaam

Milo and Jonty have been friends since forever. But while Jonty concentrates on learning his craft as a witch with Milo’s grandfather, Milo himself feels crushed under the expectations of his parents.

He has a job he hates and a boyfriend, Leon, he comes to realize isn’t the man for him. But when his grandfather goes missing, Milo has more important matters than ditching Leon.

Jonty has loved Milo for as long as he can remember, but knows he’s only seen as the brother Milo never had. However, he’s willing to settle for friendship to keep Milo in his life.

When Milo’s grandfather sends a mysterious message for help, and telling Milo to come and claim his treasure, neither he nor Jonty hesitate to answer the call. But both Milo’s father and Leon insist on coming too.

Will Milo manage to claim the greatest treasure of all, or will Leon ensure it’s lost forever?


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