<i>The Fault</i> by Jerry Sacher

The Fault by Jerry Sacher

<i>The Fault</i> by Jerry Sacher

OUT NOW! The Fault by Jerry Sacher

Micah Duma is an unemployed actor spending his days waiting in line at talent agencies, looking for jobs at any restaurant or retail establishment in Los Angeles that will hire him until he gets his big break.

Don Gibbs is one of the city’s most popular and successful restaurant owners, too busy to look for love. He’s a man who guards his feelings and hides his secrets well, until the day Micah walks into his place looking for a job.

Don hesitates to hire him, but gives him a chance and soon finds his ice-cold feelings are beginning to thaw, especially after Micah steps in at the last minute to help him when the café is left shorthanded.

The two begin courting, spending stolen moments together, but there are people in their lives who would do anything to keep them apart. The during a black-tie event, secrets come out in the open and even Mother Nature threatens to destroy the love between them.

In a ruined city, will the two manage to find each other … and a lasting relationship?


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