<i>The Family Martell</i> by Edward Kendrick

The Family Martell by Edward Kendrick

<i>The Family Martell</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! The Family Martell by Edward Kendrick

Dorian and Cecily had been alive for several centuries, and married for well over one-hundred years. When they decided they wanted a family, they did what any sensible vampires would and adopted three human children. They waited until each was old enough to understand before revealing what they were, and then gave them the choice to be turned once they were twenty-one.

Of course, being sensible children, they each agreed they wanted to become vampires as well. Griff, the oldest, is unrepentantly gay. Margie, the middle child, is straight and involved with Wayne, a human. Brad is the youngest and definitely bi.

All three joined the family business, art thievery, which is how Griff met Nolan, his parents’ human partner, and quickly fell in lust with him.

Soon after his turning, Brad meets another Fledgling vampire, Ewan, and Ewan’s very possessive Sire, Alexia. This causes problems on more than one front. Problems it will take the entire Martell family to solve … or so they hope.


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