<i>The Do Over</i> by Alex Winters

The Do Over by Alex Winters

<i>The Do Over</i> by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! The Do Over by Alex Winters

Jude Danvers is no virgin, but after a two-year dry spell, he might as well be. No wonder he can’t stop peeping on his sexy new neighbor, whose dining room window just happens to face his own. When the poor guy has a table set for two and a date who doesn’t show, Jude puts a covert plan into action to invite himself over and try to see if he can’t find romance a little closer to home for a change.

Evan Peters is a virgin who, after coming out to his long-time roommate, moved out to start a life on his own and wants to lose his virginity as fast as he can. Namely, by inviting random strangers over to dinner, none of whom have taken him up on his offer yet. When his new neighbor Jude comes to the rescue after one such disastrous non-date, the two strike a sexy deal: Jude will finally punch Evan’s V-card and, since Jude’s first time with some musclebound hunk on the down low was so disastrous, Evan will be his “do over.”

Will the one-night stand be a match made in heaven? Or will the two screw it all up by catching feelings and making it a one-life stand instead?


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