<i>The Dead Don’t Fall</i> by Anne Russo

The Dead Don’t Fall by Anne Russo

<i>The Dead Don’t Fall</i> by Anne Russo

OUT NOW! The Dead Don’t Fall by Anne Russo

Sequel to The Dead Don’t Dream

Ian and Adam find themselves thrust into an new world of danger and deceit as enemies, old and new, threaten their fragile bond. As they travel from the desolate deserts of the American Southwest to the vibrant chaos of Mexico City, their relationship is pushed to the breaking point by dark forces as they desperately try to outrun their tortured pasts in pursuit of a happiness that seems just out of reach.

Together they must rely on each other in ways they never thought possible. Amidst heated and complicated emotions, they grapple with the stark contrast of light and darkness within themselves and each other. To survive, they must do more than simply trust; they must surrender their deepest fears and embrace the vulnerability that love demands. However, the path to true love has scars that run deep and secrets that threaten to shatter everything.

In this thrilling continuation of love and sacrifice, Ian and Adam learn the strength of their love may be the key to overcoming the perilous obstacles they face. As they embark on a journey where betrayal lurks around every corner and sacrifices are inevitable, they come to realize that some loves are worth risking everything for. Can their love be enough to overcome the menacing shadows threatening to tear them apart forever? Or does fate have other plans for them?

Note: This book includes scenes of violence and mentions of suicidal ideation, alcohol abuse, physical and emotional trauma, and other dark and potentially disturbing themes, including a character dealing with past sexual trauma.


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