<i>The Bloodsucker Blues</i> by Aundrea Singer

The Bloodsucker Blues by Aundrea Singer

<i>The Bloodsucker Blues</i> by Aundrea Singer

OUT NOW! The Bloodsucker Blues by Aundrea Singer

While jogging late at night to burn off his rage at his cheating boyfriend, Brandon Griffin meets a beautiful, fragile young man named Yannick. Yannick is foreign, enigmatic, and terribly ill, and Brandon is immediately drawn to him. The two men have an instant, irresistible attraction, but Yannick is committed to a man he no longer loves, but insists he can’t leave.

What Brandon has no way of knowing is Yannick’s a vampire. And Lee, who once hunted vampires but chose to save him, is surely the only person who would ever accept what Yannick is. Yannick can’t leave Lee, because the world outside isn’t safe for his kind, especially now that human blood mysteriously no longer sustains him. Yannick is also restrained by his fear of making Lee angry, since Lee is dangerously possessive, and Yannick too weak to resist his punishment.

Yannick knows he can’t risk seeing Brandon again, just like Brandon knows he shouldn’t come between Yannick and Lee. But they’ve already fallen too far and too deep to be capable of letting go.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just this reckless attraction they have in common. Brandon’s ex Chad is just as possessive as Lee, and just as dangerous. And on one violent Texas night, Yannick and Brandon will be forced to save each other, or die before they can have any kind of relationship. Even if it means Brandon discovers Yannick’s secret.


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