<i>The Adventures of SuperTroy</i> by Drew Hunt

The Adventures of SuperTroy by Drew Hunt

<i>The Adventures of SuperTroy</i> by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! The Adventures of SuperTroy by Drew Hunt

Troy Ashton is not gay! He thought his life was all mapped out for him — he’d get his sotan cape after he turned eighteen, be paired with his female life mate, and be gifted with his superpowers. However, the Council for Sotan Affairs has other plans for Troy. They selected him to be a tuohygan — the only one of his generation — and they’ve paired him with a male omega. Troy likes the idea of being a tuohygan: they’re faster, stronger, and have a greater range of superpowers than sotans. Plus he gets to prefix his name with Super. But … he isn’t gay! So no thank you.

The pain of remaining unbonded from his omega is intense, but Troy is determined he won’t give in and marry another man. That is until his and Beck Dolan’s paths cross. Troy literally flies to the rescue when he sees a man falling into a lake. There’s something about him that calls to Troy’s inborn need to protect. Just being around Beck eases something inside of Troy, centering and calming him. Could Troy be not as straight as he thought?

Coming out is traumatic. Mostly because Troy’s family already knew or strongly suspected he was gay. He doesn’t understand how they could know but he didn’t. He’s a jock — captain of both his high school and college football teams, doesn’t that mean he’s straight? He also experiences a few growing pains with his newfound powers, the most visible of which are the dents in Beck’s trashcan when he misjudges his landings when he flies in to rescue his man.

Troy soon adapts to his role as both tuohygan and husband. However, Troy grows concerned when Beck starts getting sick to his stomach in the mornings, and what’s with the sudden craving for fish, the smellier the better? Life as SuperTroy is certainly more adventurous than he could ever have imagined.


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