The Accident Curse by Foster Bridget Cassidy

The Accident Curse by Foster Bridget Cassidy is now available!


Marty Smith was born in Accident, Maryland, and his whole life reflected it: he missed the game-winning free-throw junior year, got chicken pox twice in grade school, even lost his mother to cancer. To break this supposed curse, he fled Accident as soon as he graduated high school.

Now, ten years later, Marty must face his past when he’s forced to care for his suddenly-immobile father. Marty knows his close-minded hometown hasn’t changed, but seeing an old classmate named Colten Williams makes him wish things were different. The more time he spends with Colten, the more he wants to stay. Accident isn’t so bad when viewed through Colten’s eyes.

Or is it just the curse lulling him into a false sense of security before it pounces again?


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