<i>Take Me Back</i> By J.D. Walker

Take Me Back By J.D. Walker

<i>Take Me Back</i> By J.D. Walker

Take Me Back by J.D. Walker is now available!


To choose a job and ambition over love is something Gus Atchison might never forgive. When his boyfriend, Seb Paddington, decides to move to New York and leave their relationship behind, Gus is heartbroken. But two months later, Seb shows up and tries to get close again. Gus isn’t having it, though, despite Seb’s persistence, and they end up in a fight on his front porch.

Once they make peace, of a sort, Seb goes back to New York. However, four months later when he returns, Gus is alarmed at how unhealthy and thin Seb looks, and realizes he still has feelings for the man, in spite of it all. They start up a tentative friendship, and Gus sees another side of Seb he’s never known while helping with his new company. Will Gus take him back? Or will they remain friends forever?

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Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Seb walk over to the refrigerator, grab a bottle of water, and casually take a seat, like he owned the place. My meal was done in fifteen minutes, and I served up a plate after pouring a glass of iced tea that I’d made earlier in the day. Taking a seat, I focused on my food and not the entitled, likely horny, irritating fool sitting across from me.

“You gonna offer me any of that?” Seb asked.

“Wasn’t planning on it,” I replied around a mouthful of chicken. I played with my cell phone until it was snatched out of my hand.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Give that back.”

“Not until we have an actual conversation. All you’ve done since I’ve been back is yell at me. Don’t you want to hear how I’m doing? Do you care at all?”

“No, I don’t,” I lied, reaching across the table to grab the phone but he put it in his jeans pocket instead.

I took a deep breath and went back to my food. I’d either get the phone back, or cancel the contract and buy another one. Two could play this game.

“Now will you listen?” he asked.

“Do what you want. You have two minutes.”

Seb sighed. “How did I never realize what a pissy little brat you are?”

I said nothing in response.

Exasperated, he said, “The job is good. I travel a lot and spend most of my time in a hotel room. They actually think I’ll make VP in three months, at the rate I’m going.”

Bully for you.

In the face of my uninterested silence, Seb frowned. “I thought you’d be happy for me, at least, even if you’re doing the whole ‘spurned woman’ thing.”

Growling, I said, “I have no reason to be happy or sad for you, Seb. We’re nothing to each other now. And that’s on you.” I stood, having lost interest in my meal. “Your two minutes are up.” I walked to the front door. “Thanks for the memories.”

Before I could open it, Seb pressed his body into mine, pinning me to the door. I could feel his hard cock against the crease of my ass. Unfortunately, two months of celibacy on my part made me want to answer the blatant invitation.

Seb bit my neck and grabbed my hips, rolling his crotch against my butt. “That mouth of yours makes me crazy,” he murmured against my skin, and I had to swallow a moan.

I needed to push him away, but the memories of how hot we were together in bed came flooding back. “So this is what you really wanted all along, wasn’t it?” I said, a little breathless as I tried to keep from losing it all together. “The real reason you tried to find me. What, the men in New York not good enough for you? You want me to be your sex toy whenever you come into town?” I leaned back against him, reaching behind me to grab his ass and squeeze as I rubbed my butt against his cock, making him moan. “Stop by whenever you want, have a quick fuck, then you’re off to who knows where?”

I turned around and grabbed his face in my hands. He held me close, arms like steel bands around my waist as I kissed him hard, splitting his bottom lip and biting down on his tongue until he whimpered. I remembered those sounds, craved them. I pressed my knee into his crotch and ground my rigid pole against his leg. When he was putty in my hands and ready to beg for more, I pushed him away and wiped my mouth, ignoring the cock that tented my sweats.

“Never gonna happen.” I opened the door, pushed him outside, and locked it. I slumped against the smooth wood, trying to calm my racing pulse, wanting to slap myself for being so stupid. I should have known that was why he’d been hanging around. I would not fall into that trap, no matter how pleasurable.

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