<i>Take It Easy</i> by Deirdre O’Dare

Take It Easy by Deirdre O’Dare

<i>Take It Easy</i> by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Take It Easy by Deirdre O’Dare

Stormy Alcott supports herself, her two children and her mother by working as an independent cross-country trucker. When low fuel forces her to get off I-40 in Winslow, Arizona, she sees and pick up a passenger who turns out to be a musician down on his luck. Together they make some amazing music. Is a career change in her future?

Tom Holden, newly back from military duty in the Middle East with the Tennessee National Guard hopes to catch up with his old band in Las Vegas. His old truck breaks down, leaving him stranded in Winslow, Arizona. Just before a violent summer storm hits, a lady trucker gives him a lift. Can the inspiration she provides help him and Taken By Storm make it to the big time?


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