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Club Paradiso by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Club Paradiso by Wayne Mansfield

When Nicholas Webster meets Edmund Hawthorne, Mr. Hawthorne slips Nick a card. In silver, embossed lettering, it says Club Paradiso.

Intrigued, Nick visits only to discover it’s a private men’s nudist club. As the doors to Eden are thrown open, Nick’s breath is taken away. It’s taken away again when he meets Bruno, the extremely handsome barman.

They begin talking, and it seems Club Paradiso has something to offer Nick. In fact, when Bruno asks if they can meet again, Nick knows something wonderful is going to happen.

However, the club has a dark secret. What lies behind the waterfall? His attempts to find out are thwarted, which only piques his interest. When he does find out, he might wish he had never even heard of Club Paradiso.


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A Decade of Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder

OUT NOW! A Decade of Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder

JMS Books began in 2010 as a way for of getting a few friends into print. Ten years later, we’ve published more than 2,000 books celebrating LGBTQ+ romance from over 200 authors. A Decade of Gay Romance is a collection of our ten best-selling short stories, one for each year (to date).

From first love to true love, from submission to sensual, from heat to sweet and everything in between, the couples in these stories are sure to keep you turning the pages as you fall in love with them.

With stories by J.M. Snyder, Drew Hunt, JL Merrow, Wayne Mansfield, Terry O’Reilly, Edward Kendrick, Shawn Lane, J.D. Walker, Nell Iris, and Elizabeth Noble, this head-over-heels collection goes beyond bedtime reading. Whether happily ever after or happy for now, there’s an ending for everyone in here!

Contains the stories: My Best Friend’s Dad by J.M. Snyder, Twelve Hours I by Drew Hunt, Dead Shot by JL Merrow, The King’s Prize by Wayne Mansfield, My Beagle, the Yenta by Terry O’Reilly, Let Go of Loneliness by Edward Kendrick, Accidentally His by Shawn Lane, A-dork-able by J.D. Walker, Unexpected Christmas by Nell Iris, and Home Coming by Elizabeth Noble.


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Guests by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Guests by Wayne Mansfield

Staying in a hotel can be an exciting prospect. You never know who you’ll meet. It certainly never occurred to Eric that he would meet the man of his dreams sitting alone in a chair by the reception desk of the Dorchester Hotel.

Jock is handsome, tanned, and distinguished. A man of many talents. When he invites Eric up to his hotel room to continue their conversation, Eric eagerly accepts. They continue to chat for a while, learning more and more about each other.

Then things take a bizarre turn. People don’t usually end up doing Reiki half an hour after meeting. Yet, surprisingly, that isn’t the strangest thing to happen. For Eric, the meeting will be like none he has ever had before. Or ever will again.


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The Eroticist by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Eroticist by Wayne Mansfield

Life at the top is lonely. That is, until a hot Italian mechanic enters Duncan’s life. The attraction begins as Duncan watches Luca working on his vintage Rolls Royce. Bent over the engine in Duncan’s private garage, Luca is unaware he’s being observed.

Duncan is hooked. He can’t stop thinking about Luca, and decides to hire Luca as his chauffeur, as well as his mechanic. As time goes by, they grow closer. One of Duncan’s favourite things to do is take photos of Luca, which he hangs on the walls of his home.

However, when a client of Duncan’s notices the photos and offers Luca the cover of his next publication, things start to go downhill. As Luca becomes more and more involved in the whirlwind world of modelling, can Duncan hope to hold onto him? Or will he be lost forever to the runway, or to another man?


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Something from Nothing by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Something from Nothing by Wayne Mansfield

Shane has never managed to catch a break. His mother died when he was a teen and his father left home the day he turned eighteen. Then he met a man he thought would fulfill all his dreams. Little does he know that Tyler will plunge him into a nightmare of both physical and verbal abuse.

With his self-esteem destroyed and no friends to turn to, Shane lives every day in despair. But when they’re invited to a neighbour’s house for dinner, things begin looking up. Michael, their host, is no stranger to Shane, for they have often said hello over the fence.

But is he the one who will come to Shane’s rescue? Or will Tyler make sure their friendship goes no further than the dinner?


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